Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pre-RAYA 2012

what I shopped for dis coming raya :

for Najmi @ Abecik

for Naki @ Angah

for my beloved ABAH :))

ARIANI scarf for my MOM :))

remote helly for Aizat @ Ucu

sampul raya free!!! 
courtesy from company's client n shopping free gift

SELAMAT HARI RAYA in advance oualllss!!!


People say I looked matured. Uhuk. I know they just being nice to me sbab they're actually (indirectly) telling me dat I looked OLDER than my age. My body size maybe?? 

They would say me & Ma are more like sisters since I'm taller & looked MATURED aka TUA. 

Yang paling tak boleh terima dek akal bila si Storekeeper kat office pggil aku KAKAK padahal ko tu lagi tua la Vickey oiiiii~~~ grrrr.. Telinga, mulut, hidung habes keluar FIRE! FIRE! bila dia panggil aku KAKAK!!eee.. Harap IC tak tukar lagi je.. kalau tak, dah lame gantung kat leher!! haha

Its not 'looked matured' that I ask for. Its being matured. Lemme tell you. I really2 act childish in certain things.

I laugh out loud.
I have dis weird high-pitch voice when I'm excited, nerves, surprised, afraid, n yelling.
I act SILLY when I'm in a mood.
I super overreact when watching romantic movie or drama. yeew. Yelling to stop being romantic instead of malu-malu kucing sambil tutup muka. But, Gim Do Jin shi is the only (current) exception.
I sing along the singer in the concert out loud plus yelling. But no 'marry-me' manilla card attached okayyy..
I embarrassed myself sooo bad every time I see cockroach!! How I wish cockroach never exist!
and the list goes on..

I just born this way. But, I do feel shame when I meet people who just 'behave' in everything they do.
Eat, smile, talk, walk, sleep. Terkezut pun behave~~~ Aigoo..

Camni la, ubah mane yang patut as a muslimah.la kann... Cewah!! Will change.. eh, bukan- bukan, must change!!

Happy Break fast everyone...
Till then..

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thoughtless me

MARRIAGE is the last thing I could think of as for now. 

CAREER prevails.