Monday, November 12, 2012

KOREA 2012

Annyeong yeorobunn... hikhik

End of last month, my friend, Dieja & I went to Seoul Korea for 5 days trip~~

Seoul was freaking awesome and the view was breathtakingly beautiful!!! I still can't get over the cold weather, ahjumma, ahjussi, n just everything about Seoul :(((

Here some pics I didn't upload in FB just because... I malas!!! haha

upon arrival at Incheon Airport.. while waiting for AREX train to Hongdae where our guesthouse located. ignore my bare-face pleasee.... 

 colourful autumn in changdeuk palace

 playground near the guesthouse

 oppa.. oppa... nawaaaaa... hikhik

 the secret garden

 Changdeuk palace entrance

 Like seriously ahjumma??? drycReaning??? tsk tsk tsk

 Lakeview in Nami Island #ohsemmmm

 view from Namsan Tower

 anyyeeonggggg :))

bibimbap in namdaemun :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pre-RAYA 2012

what I shopped for dis coming raya :

for Najmi @ Abecik

for Naki @ Angah

for my beloved ABAH :))

ARIANI scarf for my MOM :))

remote helly for Aizat @ Ucu

sampul raya free!!! 
courtesy from company's client n shopping free gift

SELAMAT HARI RAYA in advance oualllss!!!


People say I looked matured. Uhuk. I know they just being nice to me sbab they're actually (indirectly) telling me dat I looked OLDER than my age. My body size maybe?? 

They would say me & Ma are more like sisters since I'm taller & looked MATURED aka TUA. 

Yang paling tak boleh terima dek akal bila si Storekeeper kat office pggil aku KAKAK padahal ko tu lagi tua la Vickey oiiiii~~~ grrrr.. Telinga, mulut, hidung habes keluar FIRE! FIRE! bila dia panggil aku KAKAK!!eee.. Harap IC tak tukar lagi je.. kalau tak, dah lame gantung kat leher!! haha

Its not 'looked matured' that I ask for. Its being matured. Lemme tell you. I really2 act childish in certain things.

I laugh out loud.
I have dis weird high-pitch voice when I'm excited, nerves, surprised, afraid, n yelling.
I act SILLY when I'm in a mood.
I super overreact when watching romantic movie or drama. yeew. Yelling to stop being romantic instead of malu-malu kucing sambil tutup muka. But, Gim Do Jin shi is the only (current) exception.
I sing along the singer in the concert out loud plus yelling. But no 'marry-me' manilla card attached okayyy..
I embarrassed myself sooo bad every time I see cockroach!! How I wish cockroach never exist!
and the list goes on..

I just born this way. But, I do feel shame when I meet people who just 'behave' in everything they do.
Eat, smile, talk, walk, sleep. Terkezut pun behave~~~ Aigoo..

Camni la, ubah mane yang patut as a kann... Cewah!! Will change.. eh, bukan- bukan, must change!!

Happy Break fast everyone...
Till then..

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thoughtless me

MARRIAGE is the last thing I could think of as for now. 

CAREER prevails.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

kenapa saya tak pernah kurus???

kenapa?? mau tanya lagi ka??? I hereby provide you the following evidences (just in case):

1) I stop by Mcd Masjid Jamek just to buy Mcflurry/Flavor Twist/Sundae almost every time after work!!!   Lepastu kalau Ice Cream kat situ dah habis SANGGUP pergi SINGGAH Mcd KL Sentral semata-mata sebab nak jugak makan!! tak kire!! I memang manja sikit dgn LEMAK kat badan I nie...
Biar la tak dapat pakai jeans size M/L asalkan LEMAK-LEMAK kat badan I ni ade kawan.. the more the merrier kata mereka.. ceit!!!

2) I start online at home right after maghrib until midnight. ermm.. sounds nothing serious happened about that online thing... but, lemme tell you this, online while laying in my bed... memang tak la aku nak dapat peha skinny macam GG tu.. macam mak GG pun belum tentu lagi tau!! haha

3) I super love Cake!! lagi-lagi Secret Recipe.. At least once a week. I repeat, AT LEAST once a week. Tu tak kire lagi cake jual kat pasar malam depan rumah. Worst case, pasar malam tu 2 kali seminggu okayyy.. Fine. Welcome to the house, calories!!!

4) Bile dah kerja ni, sebulan sekali pun belum tentu lagi dapat paksa diri pergi jogging.. The only workout yang I buat ialah masa nak kejar tren, lari naik escalator.. Lepas tu bila da masuk tren, semput tak ingat dunia yang tahap mintak CPR... Oh My God, mase tu dalam mind, dah terbayang-bayang LEMAK-LEMAK kat dalam badan ni tengah buat full house slumber party... tsk tsk tsk

5) Bila weekend je mesti lapar after midnight sebab stay up late... Ye laaa.. weekend je boleh stay up kann...
Tapi tak seteruk macam time kat U dulu. Selalu delivery Mcd time midnight bile lapar. Masaalah nye my housemates semua skinny yang kalau setakat lemak Mcd tu hukumnye harus makan for the sake of their body.. haha. Tapi aku???? aihhhh...

Ok. Saye lapar pulak bile dah menaip ni.. Tapi, syukur ALHAMDULILLAH dekat rumah ni got nothing to eat.. syukur-syukur... so, I'm off to take a bath.. Till then :))

my current look. 
p/s: look at me covering my 'drumstick' peha.. boo!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

is it TOO MUCH??

wassup everyone!! haven't been here for months n here I am to spill everything!! haha.. seyes tipu!! memang x la kalau nk spill everything kan...

so how's ur life so far??? joyful I guess? YAY or NAY?? me??

errmm I have to say my life AS FOR NOW is kinda insecure. I don't know if I think too much?? or if I put not so meaningful effort towards my future plan?? (YES YOU ARE!! NAHSUHA!!!) but of course, I can't easily jump to a conclusion 'LIFE IS HARD' cos dat's what losers have in mind, right??  haha.hihi.huhu. It's US actually who decide how our LIFE could be. So, if  you are half way to the wrong place, take a step back and REthink, REplan, REdecide ur LIFE. cewahhh!!! the way I said those words looks like I've been experiencing LIFE for over decades!! haha. 

soon, I will enter the age of 23, I'm employed but I honestly can't see how far this job could bring me to MY FUTURE CAREER. tsk tsk tsk. I'm employed but I feel insecure and I'm not Happy. ya I know.. I know dat I should be grateful for being hired (THANK YOU, YA ALLAH) but my biggest concern is UNTIL WHEN AM I GOING TO LIVE LIKE THIS?? what I'm trying to say is that I need a progress for my career. and not just a 'career' as it must mean 'something' useful for the future.

I think I worry too much about my future but I better be rather than just go with the flow. well it depends on you actually. it's your choice coz in the end, all d consequences are yours~~

but, you know what? I won't give up!! I know I'll find my way one day!! and sorry for keep you hear me moaning about my life~~ can't help it tho..

till then, see you when I see you!! TATA TITI TUTU :D

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fond memories with Abah

Abah taught me the importance of education.

Abah taught me the meaning of patience.

Abah taught me the real meaning of kasih-sayang among siblings.

Abah taught me how to be good to people.

Abah didn’t say NO when I asked him to fetch me home 
even when it was a live final football match between Malaysia and Indonesia. 
Thank God Malaysia won!!

Abah always asked me if I had enough money even when I already have some.

Abah ate all the cupcakes I made even when it was already late at night.

Abah convinced me that I still looking gorgeous wearing my plus-size made baju kurung.

Abah always made me laugh with his bad English joke.

Thank you Abah.
I’m lucky enough to have you. 
You love us. 
You love Ma.

Happy Fathers Day, Abah. 

Love you more than anyone can imagine.