Tuesday, June 21, 2011

fond memories with Abah

Abah taught me the importance of education.

Abah taught me the meaning of patience.

Abah taught me the real meaning of kasih-sayang among siblings.

Abah taught me how to be good to people.

Abah didn’t say NO when I asked him to fetch me home 
even when it was a live final football match between Malaysia and Indonesia. 
Thank God Malaysia won!!

Abah always asked me if I had enough money even when I already have some.

Abah ate all the cupcakes I made even when it was already late at night.

Abah convinced me that I still looking gorgeous wearing my plus-size made baju kurung.

Abah always made me laugh with his bad English joke.

Thank you Abah.
I’m lucky enough to have you. 
You love us. 
You love Ma.

Happy Fathers Day, Abah. 

Love you more than anyone can imagine.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

boredom vs. blogging

yahhh.. thanks to this blog, I manage to escape my boredom. seriously, am not dat kind of gurl who loves to write berjela-jela or spend like most of my day blogging.. but, here I am!! tapi kan,why blogging?? bukan eating or sleeping or watching TV or reading or bathing or bla bla bla?? dats bcoz I'm getting tired (and getting FAT too) of doing the same thing everyday~~ I even moody x pasal-pasal bcoz i'm bored to death!! see?? 'the power of boredom'. Guess I'm the only person who gets mad when I'm bored. haha. I know.. I know.. dat sounds terrible but do BLAME the boredom for making me such a HARD person to be close to!! ok ok enuff~~  am not supposed to get mad here since I'm not bored anymore kan.. so, lets enjoy blogging!! since this is my first entry so x taw nk merapu apa... haha ermm, one thing I like about blogging is I can decorate my blog with my very own style. everything's up to me. I can express my opinion, my style, my faveret things to do, my bias, my disagreement and many more. so, feel free to drop by my blog :))

p/s: now working on my decoration for this blog. hope to see the outcome soon!! adios!!