Monday, November 12, 2012

KOREA 2012

Annyeong yeorobunn... hikhik

End of last month, my friend, Dieja & I went to Seoul Korea for 5 days trip~~

Seoul was freaking awesome and the view was breathtakingly beautiful!!! I still can't get over the cold weather, ahjumma, ahjussi, n just everything about Seoul :(((

Here some pics I didn't upload in FB just because... I malas!!! haha

upon arrival at Incheon Airport.. while waiting for AREX train to Hongdae where our guesthouse located. ignore my bare-face pleasee.... 

 colourful autumn in changdeuk palace

 playground near the guesthouse

 oppa.. oppa... nawaaaaa... hikhik

 the secret garden

 Changdeuk palace entrance

 Like seriously ahjumma??? drycReaning??? tsk tsk tsk

 Lakeview in Nami Island #ohsemmmm

 view from Namsan Tower

 anyyeeonggggg :))

bibimbap in namdaemun :)

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