Monday, October 10, 2011

is it TOO MUCH??

wassup everyone!! haven't been here for months n here I am to spill everything!! haha.. seyes tipu!! memang x la kalau nk spill everything kan...

so how's ur life so far??? joyful I guess? YAY or NAY?? me??

errmm I have to say my life AS FOR NOW is kinda insecure. I don't know if I think too much?? or if I put not so meaningful effort towards my future plan?? (YES YOU ARE!! NAHSUHA!!!) but of course, I can't easily jump to a conclusion 'LIFE IS HARD' cos dat's what losers have in mind, right??  haha.hihi.huhu. It's US actually who decide how our LIFE could be. So, if  you are half way to the wrong place, take a step back and REthink, REplan, REdecide ur LIFE. cewahhh!!! the way I said those words looks like I've been experiencing LIFE for over decades!! haha. 

soon, I will enter the age of 23, I'm employed but I honestly can't see how far this job could bring me to MY FUTURE CAREER. tsk tsk tsk. I'm employed but I feel insecure and I'm not Happy. ya I know.. I know dat I should be grateful for being hired (THANK YOU, YA ALLAH) but my biggest concern is UNTIL WHEN AM I GOING TO LIVE LIKE THIS?? what I'm trying to say is that I need a progress for my career. and not just a 'career' as it must mean 'something' useful for the future.

I think I worry too much about my future but I better be rather than just go with the flow. well it depends on you actually. it's your choice coz in the end, all d consequences are yours~~

but, you know what? I won't give up!! I know I'll find my way one day!! and sorry for keep you hear me moaning about my life~~ can't help it tho..

till then, see you when I see you!! TATA TITI TUTU :D

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